This site provides access for public viewing of inspection scores for food establishments such as restaurants, convenience stores, markets, delis and other food operations inspected by the City of El Paso Department of Public Health. Inspections are conducted in the City of El Paso, Anthony, Clint, Horizon City, Socorro, Vinton and County of El Paso.

Inspections conducted focus on safe food handling practices. The inspection scores are made available to provide useful information in a manner convenient to citizens. A score of 70 or above is passing. A 69 or below will imitate closure of the establishment. A score of 60 or below will initiate closure of the establishment; however, it is important to note that individual violation that pose an imminent threat to public health may also result in the immediate closure of an establishment regardless of score.

The inspection scores of the following web page are a summary only and the City does not guarantee the accuracy of the information therein. A full report on each individual food establishment inspection is available by using the City's Open Records Request System [Click Here]

There are fees assessed based on the scope of the request. If you feel any of the information on this website is inaccurate, please call (915)771-5702 during regular business hours. We hope you will find the information useful.